About us


The Harriman Church of God was established on May 10, 1957 by Rev. Leonard Townley in an old building on Trenton Street in Harriman, TN. Shortly after being established the church bought and moved into a former tavern on Highway 29A which was where the church remained until July 14, 2013 when the church dedicated its new facility on Highway 70.


Since its inception the church has had eight pastors in fifty-nine years - Rev. Townley, Rev. Chester West, Rev. Alois Swiger, Rev. L.E. Keck, Rev. Charles Pruitte, Rev. Harry Shackleford, Dr. Ottis Ball, and Rev. Jeff Blackburn.


Over the years, the church has seen much growth and many changes. Harriman Church of God is, and remains to be a place for all people to believe, belong, and become.

You can reach us by going to our CONTACT PAGE and you can find DIRECTIONS HERE.

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