The Eagle Scholarship Application

The Eagle Scholarship is a need-­‐based scholarship established in honor of Dr. Ottis Ball for the CAMS Program. In order for the recipient(s) for the scholarship to be identified, the four questions below were designed. The purpose is to allow you to share your desire and need for the scholarship. The information will be kept confidential, only to be reviewed by the selection committee. Please answer each question in 75 words or less.


1.  Are you receiving any scholarships or sponsorships for the CAMS Program? If so, how much are your receiving and fromwhom?

2.  Please establish your need for the scholarship. What is the number of dependents in your family and your Adjusted Gross Income? Please provide any additional information that will help establish your need for thescholarship.


3.  How will your CAMS training benefit you other than to prepare you forlicensure?

4.  Are you a committed person? Provide examples as to how you are committed to your family, your ministry and yourchurch.

5.  What would this scholarship mean toyou?