Growing … Sharing … Mentoring

We are called to be mighty women of God.  To be His hand extended, to Go and make disciples of all nations, being the salt of the earth and lthe light of the world. To know who we are for we know who He is, to challenge ourselves to be better … mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, friends, CHRISTIANS. It is the heart’s desire of the Harriman Church of God Women’s Ministry to meet women from all walks of life right where they are.  To be relevant in today’s society while mirroring God’s love and compassion.  God loves us all the same and we want to mirror His love. 


Come to “The WELL” where Women Experience Life and Love through Christ. You will be refreshed and filled to overflowing, accepted and loved unconditionally.

Please check the church calendar (or church bulletin) for upcoming events.

To find out more, contact Nancy Russell by sending the church a message on our